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Server Rules

Post by _Eternal on Tue Apr 09, 2013 9:35 am

-----Server Rules-----

1.) Use common sense.
2.) Do not ask for OP or high ranks. You will be ignored or muted.
3.) Respect all players, disrespect will not be tolerated.
4.) Do not impersonate an admin or any player by changing your nickname. If you impersonate by changing username you will be IP banned permanentely without a warning.
5.) Do not kill a player in their home, unless they attack you first.
6.) Do not ask for people to teleport to you with /tpahere or /tpa while you are in your own faction territory then kill them. This also includes lying about the reason for a tpahere or tpa request to get to a player just so you can kill them.
7.) Admins or Moderators word is final. Don't argue with them, they're just doing their job.

-- Gameplay --
1.) Do not grief.
2.) Do not kill nearby the spawn or the newbies that just started. Show some respect.
3.) Using any kind of hacks will result in a permanent IP ban. (X-Ray is concidered a Hack)
4.) Do not attempt to bypass a temporary ban by changing username. It will result in a permanent IP ban.
5.) Do not build horrible structures near spawn. They will probably just be taken down.
6.) Invisibility Potions are not allowed.
7.) Do not PvP log out of combat.
8.) If you discover a glitch that gives you an advantage report this to _Eternal. Do not abuse broken plugins and/or glitches in Bukkit itself.

-- Chat --
1.) Your nickname should be relevant to your username.
2.) Do not abuse /nick.
3.) Do not advertise other websites/servers.
4.) Do not spam in the chat.
5.) Do not argue with other players, if so, use /msg
6.) English only. If you want to chat in a different language use /msg
7.) Lying is not allowed. Lying to a player or admin is never allowed, unless it's something personal. Use common sense on this rule.
8.) No racism. Using the word "nigger" or similar for example is not allowed.

These rules are being updated often so come back every now and then to check.

If you think a rule should be added feel free to post a suggestion below or in the suggestions thread.

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