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Admin/Moderator Rules

Post by _Eternal on Tue Apr 09, 2013 9:47 am

Here are special rules that all Moderators/Administrators on the server must always follow.
If you see an Admin or Moderator breaking any of these rules please contact _Eternal.


1.) You may not Disrespect another player just because you're a Moderator/Admin.

2.) Spawning in items for yourself to use in Survival is not allowed.

3.) Spawning in items for others is strictly not allowed and can result in loss of powers or ban.

4.) Never break servers rules, set an example as an Admin/Moderator.

5.) Report permanent bans/IP bans to _Eternal

6.) Never abuse your Admin/Moderator privileges. You shouldn't ever have an advantage over any other player by using your admin privileges. The rank should only be used as a management tool.

7.) Never brag about having admin or any other high ranks.

8.) When kicking, always use a reason: /kick [user] [reason]

9.) When banning, always use a reason and report to _Eternal: /ban [user] [reason]

10.) When muting, always noitfy the player why he/she was muted in the chat.

11.) Do not take inappropriate tones with players, be respectful. Telling players to shut up or shut the fuck up, etc is inappropriate.

12.) Help players if they ask for help. If you don't, there's no reason for you to be a Moderator/Admin.

13.) Do not abuse any type of command.

14.) Must have a registered account on this Forum.

---- More rules will be added ----

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