Mod App Please Read

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Mod App Please Read

Post by Zeerko11 on Fri Dec 13, 2013 10:47 pm

-------------How long have you been playing on Eternal Craft?-------------
about 1 year or less
Uk, Scotland , Glasgow
-------------------------How old are you?----------------------------------
----------------------Username on the server------------------------------
-------------------General Information about you--------------------------
my names James and i like to play a lot of sports like football , Basketball and ruby . in my spare time i like to game on my pc and try to learn new thing about computer i also like to play alot of games in a wide selection when im on my computer i like to  play mine craft or League of Legends and tales of pirates but sometimes when im on my computer i like to just sit back and relax  and talk to talk to people on Skype at  weekends i usually go out with friends to play football or i go spent time with my family.

----------------How active are you on the server a day?-------------------
i am on the server 2-4 hours a day or some days less

----------------Have you been a Moderator/Admin before?----------------
i have been and admin on a server which got shut down and i have owned my own server for a couple of weeks.

----If you get approved upon payment, do you have a PayPal account?----
If my mum would let me use her bank card i would have donated Sad

----------------Why you should be promoted to Moderator-----------------
1)I am friendly guy who like to have fun.
2)I love playing Mine craft.
3)I think i could do a lot to help out server.
4)I have played server long time and i know most of the active players
5)I like helping people and making them smile when they come onto a new server and while being Mod i could help them a lot more and teach them about the server.
6)If i got promoted to Mod i would do my best to help the new people on the server so they don't just give up and leave and never come back i will keep trying to help as much as i can to make them stay and love they server.
7)I would try my best to help everyone and fix there problems for a better experience on Eternal Craft.
8)I think i would be a good Moderator to the server and i think i could do alot to help Improve and get more players.


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Re: Mod App Please Read

Post by devajosh on Fri Dec 13, 2013 11:14 pm

Go Zeerko Very Happy
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