EternalCraft Eternal-Games!

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EternalCraft Eternal-Games!

Post by jackolantern201 on Thu Dec 19, 2013 9:50 pm

All factions will have a chance to volunteer as a tribute to enter the EternalGames. The choice will be up to your faction to decide, but make your choice wisely, the prize for winning these games is a lot of loot to benefit your faction greatly!

How to enter:
The Districts, in this case, are the factions of the server but not all factions will be in the games, but only the ones who volunteer to enter. To enter, contact _Eternal via Skype or Minecraft, he will then create a sign with your faction name and the tribute of the faction. This means you have secured a spot for a player in your district for the Eternal games. The warp will be called Tributes (/warp Tributes).

Extra Info:
1.This event will happen every Saturday. 2. You are not forced to join, these games are just for fun. 3. This will happen on the server when it is Public (No whitelist) and when it is approved by _Eternal. 4. Please comment any suggestions for this Topic, please don't be afraid to post them!


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