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Forum Rules

Post by _Eternal on Tue Apr 09, 2013 9:36 am

General Forum Rules

Please do not do the following:
• Flame or insult other members. Trolling is included.
• Post personal information of others (ex. address, phone number, Facebook, etc.)
• Post potentially dangerous external links.
• Post spam (ex. +1, 10char, etc.) or Repost closed, modified, deleted, or already posted content.
• Openly argue with a member. Please solve your matters via private message.
• Speak in languages other than English. This is an English only speaking forum.

Do not post following, it will result in a permanent ban from the Forum:
• Porn, gross stuff, or anything else similar.
• Piracy, warez, or Leaked content.
• Threats of violence or harassment.
• Posting copyrighted material.
• Soliciting, auctioning, selling, advertising, or referrals.
• Racism, discrimination.
• Advertising/Mentioning other gaming servers (IPs), gaming websites, and/or gaming communities.

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