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Post by rooly on Wed Jun 19, 2013 7:36 pm

How long have you been playing on Eternal Craft?-------------
about a 6 months now
i live in asia in the arab countries to be exact I live in uae it is the newest country in the world
-------------------------How old are you?----------------------------------
i am 15
----------------------Username on the server------------------------------
-------------------General Information about you--------------------------
i am good in school, smart in computer shit, minecraft pro, like to help, and a fast worker
----------------How active are you on the server a day?-------------------
almost every day and in school times on weekends like Thursday Friday and Saturday
----------------Have you been a Moderator/Admin before?----------------
i am a moderator in another server
----If you get approved upon payment, do you have a PayPal account?----
most likely not
----------------Why you should be promoted to Moderator-----------------

first i am a pro at minecraft, i know when people are lying or not, i can make quick descisions, i have experience in being a moderator and a really good 1. i can make people who are breaking the rules get punished in ways that will make him not do anything wrong again. and i am sure that if u give me moderator you will be proud of me.

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