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Apply for moderator oisin100

Post by oisin100 on Mon Nov 18, 2013 8:28 am

-------------How long have you been playing on EternalCraft?-------------
Idk i think about 2 years
England,Cornwall,Penryn,Hellstone Rd.,13
-------------------------How old are you?----------------------------------
----------------------Username on the server------------------------------
-------------------General Information about you--------------------------
Well im not very good about talking about myself but ok
Im a programmer(Javascript, HTML, Python, JavaFX) Ik Spanish im Irish
----------------How active are you on the server a day?-------------------
Try and go on daily

----------------Have you been a Moderator/Admin before?----------------
Nope but i own a server

----If you get approved upon payment, do you have a PayPal account?----
I do

----------------Why you should be promoted to Moderator-----------------
Well i own a sever So i know all about permmisions and commands And ive been on the server for about 2 years Theres times were ive got bored and dident play for a week or so
I have skype: oisin100
(Msg me if not enough)
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