I Am Requesting An Unban Or Less Time On A Ban

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I Am Requesting An Unban Or Less Time On A Ban

Post by Jacko on Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:48 am

I'm Really Sorry About "Abusing" Fly, I Really Didn't Know.I've Said Sorry To Everyone I PvPed With Fly (Like 3) And Gave There Stuff Back, I'm Requesting An Unban, But I Don't Need An UnBan STRAIGHT Away. And If I Can't Be Unbanned At Least Shorten The Time, I Rly Miss Eternalcraft And I Wanna Donate. I Know This Has Pretty Much Fcked Up My Chances Of Becoming A Mod Or VIP.. So I Just Want To Say Sorry For "Abusing" Fly And That I Miss Eternalcraft Very Much Sad

Here's The Story Of What TRULY And HONESTLY Happened, So
Rainowman (Brad) Started Killing/Attacking Bruno3011 And Killed Him, So I Rushed In To Get His Stuff. Brad Managed To Get Hold Of The Stuff And I Killed Brad To Get The Stuff Back, But I Did Give Brads Stuff Back Because We Are Friends Irl. So In A Rush I Ran And Payne Started Shooting Me, I Told Him Stop And I Begged Him "PLZ STOP PLZ" But He Wouldn't Stop So In A Panick And Worry I Flew Away Then Payne (Josh) Started Saying "Stop Abusing Fly" So I Did /home And Returned The Stuff To The Ppl I Killed And Were Killed. Then Josh Enemy-Ied My Faction And I Got Sad And Started Saying "PLZ ALLY PLZ PLZ" Then I Was Getting Upset Because I Was Getting Threatend To Be Banned So I Went And Left The Server-To Come Back 1-2 Hours Later That I Am Banned For 2 Days..

I Just Want To Say I'm Sorry, And That I Will Help Anyone I Can If I Get A Second Chance Or A Less Time Ban. I Hope You See This And Understand What Happened If You Do Not Get It. Once Again I'm Sorry, So Very Sorry.... Sad


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Re: I Am Requesting An Unban Or Less Time On A Ban

Post by _Eternal on Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:58 am

Ban reduced to 8 Hours. (-40 Hours)

Next time when posting unban request log in on your forum account.

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